Our Capability

We have designed, developed installed and commissioned various Kiln and Oven related equipments for our valued clients, some of which are

Chamber Kiln
Push Bat Kiln
Roller Hearth Kiln
Shuttle Kiln
Tunnel Kiln

Bogie Hearth (Fuel/Electric)
Chamber / Box
Normalising & Annealing
Pusher Furnace
Stress Relieving
Bright Annealing
Roller Hearth
Rotary Hearth
Tempering (fuel/electric)
Walking Beam / Hearth
Bell / hood (Single/ Multistack)
Galvanising Bath
Fuel Fired Aluminium Melting and Holding

Fuel Fired / Electrically heated Direct or Indirect Type
Recuperator (Fuel saver)
Hot Air Generator, Static Type (Oil /Gas fired)
Hot Air Generator (Electric)
Portable Hot Air Generator (Gas Fired)
Heat Exchanger

Batch Hopper
Bottom Pouring Ladles For Steel
Ladles Preheater (Horizontal /vertical)
Oil / Gas Fired Baleout Furnace
Oil / Gas Fired Rotary Furnace
Oil Fired Tilting Furnace

Ladle Dryer
Tundish Dryer
Tunnel Dryer
Rotary Dryer
Baking Oven
Conveyorised Oven

Pneumatic Operated Dumper
Electric Control Panel

Bucket Elevator
Skip Hoist
Fork Type 3 Way Movement 360o Rotation Charging Machine
Gantry Type Charging Machine
Turn Table
Transfer Car
Product Cutting Machine
C P C Unloading System
Hammer Mill